The Hospital Pass

hospital pass

Good metaphors help putting things in perspective. My dear colleague Jonathan frequently uses the wonderful term “hospital pass”. What Is a Hospital Pass? This term comes from rugby (Yes, I’m currently living in New Zealand). It means you pass Continue reading

Introducing the IPA/APA Interactive Projects Framework

APA (the Advertising Producers Association) launched an interesting guide last month, the “IPA/APA Interactive Framework for Producing Interactive Projects in Advertising”. An interactive projects framework? I have always been fascinated by the standardization in non-digital work and the absence of Continue reading

Project Hygiene. Don’t Let the Shit Hit the Fan

project hygiene shit hits the fan

Everybody involved on a project needs to act responsibly. I often refer to this as Project Hygiene. It is something every team member has to practice to bring a project successfully to an end. The Dirty Project. What Happens When Continue reading

Agile Risk Management

What Is Risk Management? Steven Thomas wrote a very elaborate and valuable post about agile risk management where he defines risk management as follows. Risk management is about identifying, addressing, and eliminating sources of risk before they become a threat Continue reading

Teaching Agile Project Management at Belgian Ad School

The Importance of Teaching Agile Project Management I had the joy and the honour to do a guest seminar at Belgian Ad School on agile project management. I believe that teaching agile project management is really crucial, as students are Continue reading

Continuous improvement explained. Why football coach Michel Preud’homme would be a great agile project manager

michel preudhomme

Still a big challenge? Belgian football team Club Brugge KV has had numerous coaches during the last years. Last week they hired Michel Preud’homme to be their new coach. He watched the first game after his appointment in the tribune, Continue reading