Mashup Innovation | Fast Idea Generation with Hyper Island

In my workshops I have been recently using the Hyper Island Mashup Innovation. After Nick pointed it out, I used it with great results both at in-company trainings as with students from Media & Entertainment Business Thomas More and Postgraduate Digital Marketing and Continue reading

What I (Un)learned About Design Thinking at the DesignThinkers Bootcamp

I had the privilege of participating in a one week bootcamp at DesignThinkers Academy last month. The goal of the bootcamp was to guide participants in applying Design Thinking to business via a combination of personal coaching, master classes and Continue reading

Guest Lecture at Idea & Innovation Management

I had the privilege of lecturing about lean and agile at Erasmus University College Brussels. The large group (nearly 80) consisted of students Idea & Innovation Management. (Check out the rather interesting programme of these students.) As I couldn’t do Continue reading

Using the Cynefin Lego Game to Learn About Complexity

lego cynefin plane

Why do agile and lean work so well in digital advertising projects? Because they are very well suited for complex environments, where it is difficult to predict upfront how a project is going to roll out. And digital advertising work Continue reading