One year of blogging

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one year of blogging

I started with this blog exactly one year ago (July 13th 2012). The perfect moment to reflect.

Type of content

When I started blogging, I was not entirely sure yet which topic to emphasise. I chose the subtitle “about agile, digital and advertising”, still considering which of these 3 would become my main focus.

I had a goal in mind of writing at least 2 posts per month. I ended up with 28 posts, a little more than expected.

When I classify the posts into a limited set of categories, it looks like this:

  • stories on putting lean and agile into practice: 9 posts
  • philosophic, cultural or theoretical reflections on lean and agile: 10 posts
  • other: 9 posts

Popular content

one year of blogging

Based on analytics, this is the top 10 of the most read articles:

  1. How to peel off a sticky note
  2. Game of Thrones. Why every Project Manager has to be a Man of the Night’s Watch
  3. Computer says no – What Little Britain teaches us about agile project management
  4. Lean from the Trenches in practice: how we mixed Scrum and Kanban to get the job done
  5. Mindtunes. Google’s Agile Creativity applied
  6. Agile at home. How your refrigerator will save your life
  7. Teaching lean and agile at Mica Lessius
  8. Why account managers are pigs
  9. 4 reasons why you should stop using the word ASAP
  10. How Google ran off with my island in the Caribbean – Agile in advertising agencies

Note that the 2 most popular posts have the least to do with digital, agile and advertising. 🙂

What did I learn from one year of blogging?

First of all, writing in English. I already wrote a lot in Dutch (I did an internship at a national newspaper), but now writing goes a lot more fluent.

The biggest learning however, was that it forces me to reflect a lot more on the things I care about. And thus helps me build a clear understanding of what agile project and process management is all about.

What’s next?

I’m working on a new ultra hyper secret project closely related to this blog. You’ll find a hint in the Caribbean Google article. More news in September!

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