The Agile Agency. How to Write a Book in 2 Months

By October 6, 2013blog
the agile agency

The Agile Agency?

I’m a big fan of agile and lean. And I work in an advertising agency. As soon as I learned about agile, I started using it. It worked instantly, improved the quality of the output, and made life easier for everybody in the team.

There is a lot of good literature on agile and lean, but all of those books are about agile transitions in hardcore IT environments. There isn’t one book about agile in agencies. So I decided to write a book called The Agile Agency.


You can’t manage projects in creative agencies the same way as 10 years ago. This book tells you where it goes wrong, offers alternative approaches, and illustrates them with a number of case studies. Next to agile, lean, scrum and kanban, you will also read about gamestorming, John Cleese, Ai Weiwei, Dan Pink and rock bands.

Lean Writing

Practice what you preach. When you write a book about lean and agile, you should write it in a lean way. I wrote the book in 2 months – July and August – partially based on a number of blogposts. I decided not to write the perfect book in 2 years, but to write a minimum viable book in a short time span, so I could release it early.

In September the book was read by a fine league of proofreaders and I did an A/B-test for the cover.

Now the book is out in the open and it is your turn to give feedback. Based on the (hopefully numerous) comments I’ll amend the book and put new versions online in the future. The book is available as an ebook via, for iPad (epub), Kindle (mobi) and as a PDF. The great thing about leanpub is that whenever there’s an update, you’ll automatically receive a notification so you can download the latest version.

So what are you waiting for?

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